What time will the club run each day?

Codepod runs from 9am - 3.30pm each day.

Do you provide lunch and snacks for my child?

No. Please send your child with lunch, a morning snack and plenty to drink each day.

Does my child need to bring anything with them to Codepod?

Just themselves and their lunch! We will provide all of the the state of the art equipment your child needs to build a great game!

Are the children at their computers all day?

While in the classroom, the majority of our time will be spent at computers coding, designing and testing our games.

We will also have regular breaks from the screens, including a morning and lunch break outside of the classroom where children will have the chance to stretch their legs and take a break from their computers.

What will my child learn from Codepod?

Over the days that your child attends Codepod, they will be taught many of the key components of coding and game building. We use an excellent program, called Stencyl, which combines a child-friendly user interface with many of the concepts of advanced coding language. By the end of the course, children can expect to have a basic understanding of the language, logic and problem-fixing elements of coding, as well as their own game to take home!

My child is learning to code at school. Do Codepod’s courses complement and support their in-school learning?

Yes! Codepod’s course has been designed to complement the National Curriculum’s Computing syllabus. Therefore the skills learned in Codepod are transferrable to their school lessons, and vice-versa. Although no coding experience is necessary to attend Codepod, children who have used ‘drag and drop’ coding programs such as Scratch will find that our courses build on and extend their existing knowledge.

How many children are in each class?

Class sizes vary, depending on the number of bookings for any particular club. Typically, a class is between 15-30 pupils, with a class teacher and up to 3 other members of support staff.

Who will be teaching the lessons?

All of our lessons are taught by our highly experienced, enthusiastic staff members. Many of our members of staff are qualified and active school teachers, whilst others are from a computing or IT background. All of our staff have received extensive training and hold current DBS checks.

My child is under 8, or over 13, can they attend Codepod?

Unfortunately, at this time, we are only able to cater for children between the ages of 8 and 13.

What is the difference between the Level 1 and Level 2 courses?

Our Level 2 courses are intended for those who have already completed the Level 1 course two or more times, and are designed to build upon the knowledge gained in the Level 1 course. As the two courses run concurrently, we may move children between the courses if we consider this to be beneficial to them.

The Level 2 option may not be available every time we run a course; returning attendees are welcome to attend Level 1 courses if a Level 2 course is not available.

Do you accept childcare vouchers as payment for Codepod courses?

Yes! To book using childcare vouchers, please enter the discount code 'CHILDCARE' at checkout.

If using electronic vouchers, please arrange for your provider to transfer the amount specified to Wildern School, with your child's name as the reference. Please also include the name of your voucher provider in the notes when making your booking. Contact Wildern on 01489 779471 for further information.

Please note that full payment is required before commencement of the course.